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Your problems are our problems. Our team assists on analyzing production processes, and manufacturing systematics to see where improvements can be made. They will Always take possible cost reduction in any way or shape into the equation as standard practice. Especially our experience in machining carbide, and ceramics is interesting for the Die and Forming industry. For the Tobacco industry we are able to assist on making and packaging

The chosen solution will be engineered in house if so desired. With state of the art 3D developing software we are able to find any possible problem before we start manufacturing. It makes no difference if it concerns a single product, or a complex assembly, we are able to provide.

The ready manufactured solution we will get on your doorsteps, anywhere in the world. As a Global supplier for the Tobacco Industry we are used to ship our parts and solutions all around the globe. Whether it is with our designated transporter, or your personal transporter and account of choice.

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It’s state of the art actually. As are our engineers.